Home News 11 Days To Go and Recent Poll Shows One Candidate has Gained Momentum

11 Days To Go and Recent Poll Shows One Candidate has Gained Momentum

11 Days To Go and Recent Poll Shows One Candidate has Gained Momentum

Last week we posted a poll that showed the race in Georgia had tightened to a one percent lead by Ossoff. Well, today The Atlanta Journal-Constitution released a poll claiming that Ossoff now has a 7 point lead.

The survey states that Ossoff leads 51% to Handel’s 44% and 5% claim to be undecided. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

The findings show Ossoff has an enormous lead over Handel among women, leading 60-34. The Republican is beating Ossoff among male voters by a 52-41 margin. He has a solid advantage over Handel among younger voters, while she has a slim majority of voters who are over 65.

The conservative-leaning district has long been held by Republicans, and Ossoff has tried to appeal to both liberals infuriated with President Donald Trump and moderates and independents who typically vote for the GOP. Of those polled, 46 percent identified themselves as Republican or Republican-leaning and 44 percent identified as Democrats or Democratic-leaning.

He’s capturing about 13 percent of Republican voters and 50 percent of independents – a crucial voting bloc that typically leans right in the state. It shows almost no cross-over on the flip side; only 3 percent of Democrats say they’re backing Handel. He gets support from 44 percent of white voters, a big number for a Democratic in Georgia.

The poll was conducted June 5-8 by Abt Associates and involved 1,000 registered voters.

You can view the entire report here.

This poll has the widest margin, however, other polls show a narrower lead by Ossoff. Channel 2 in Atlanta posted their poll which shows Ossoff has pulled ahead by 2 points.

Handel’s campaign has been pretty quite in lite of the recent polls and seem to be taking a “grind through it” approach. Meanwhile, Ossoff has received an exorbitant amount of money in his quest for his seat at the Congress.

We all know how the polls can go so at this point all each side can do it is get out the vote.


Source: The Atlantic Journal Constitution


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