Home News Getting Tough: 23 Democrats Just Launched A Serious Resolution Against Trump

Getting Tough: 23 Democrats Just Launched A Serious Resolution Against Trump

Getting Tough: 23 Democrats Just Launched A Serious Resolution Against Trump

On Wednesday 23 Democrats introduced a “no confidence” resolution that questions Trump’s fitness to serve as President.
The resolution includes a litany of controversies about the President and includes many of his “contacts” with Russians.
The resolution was sponsored by Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn) and endorsed by 23 other Democrats. The Hill reports:

Trump’s track record, Cohen said, exposes “a president that you wouldn’t want your children to look up to.”
“The way he talks about women, the press, the language he uses, the use of Twitter — you don’t want him to be a role model,” Cohen said during a press briefing in the Capitol. “It’s injurious to our culture, and it’s injurious to … our foreign policy.”
The resolution has no chance of moving through the chamber, which is led by Republicans, who have largely defended Trump in the first six months of his tenure. And Cohen acknowledged that the effort is unlikely to sway a president known to buck the advice from even his closest associates. 
“Is it going to have an effect on him? Apparently, his family members don’t have an effect on him; his Republican friends don’t; his Cabinet members don’t,” Cohen conceded. 
But with Trump’s approval rating at historic lows, the Democrats are hoping to send a message to voters that they’re sympathetic to the public’s frustration with the White House. 
“This is an attempt at a political intervention,” Cohen said.
Unveiling their resolution, the Democrats went after Trump over the recent news that he’d had a second conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a dinner for world leaders during the G-20 economic summit in Hamburg, Germany, earlier this month. The meeting was previously undisclosed, and the only interpreter at the table was reportedly provided by Moscow.
“This is not the behavior of the leader of the free world,” said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas).

You can read the entire Resolution of No Confidence in Donald J. Trump here.
Of course, this resolution is going to go nowhere but, do think the Democrats are doing what it takes to fight the President?
Source:USA Today


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