Home Politics “A danger to the presidency” – Graham says GOP must not ‘legitimize’ Democrat impeachment

“A danger to the presidency” – Graham says GOP must not ‘legitimize’ Democrat impeachment

“A danger to the presidency” – Graham says GOP must not ‘legitimize’ Democrat impeachment

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he doesn’t want to give any more credence to the impending impeachment proceedings than has already been given.

“I think it would be a danger to the presidency in the future for us to legitimize what’s going on in the House,” he said.

“There’s no civil proceeding in America — no criminal proceeding in America — that denies a person to tell their side of the story by calling witnesses except in the House.”

Graham also pointed out that every American — including the president of the United States — has the right to confront their accuser.

“That’s not being done in this case, so I don’t want to legitimize this because it’s a threat to the presidency,” he said.

Graham was making a reference to the whistleblower, who has yet to be identified by House Democrats, along with the issue of Trump and his administration not being allowed to have part in the proceedings.

Additionally, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California who is spearheading the proceedings, has yet to even confirm that he will allow Republicans to call witnesses.

Graham addressed the primary allegation against the president, which centered around his conversation with the president of Ukraine and the potential of an investigation into Democratic presidential candidate and front runner Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

“The allegation is that Donald J. Trump withheld aid to Ukraine unless the Ukrainian government investigated Joe Biden and Hunter Biden for corruption,” he said.

“The problem with that allegation is that it’s not true. The aid was delivered to the Ukrainian government and there was no investigation of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.”

“How long does it take to dispose of that?” Graham asked rhetorically.

Hannity then referenced the legal process, noting that Graham was part of the nation’s last impeachment hearings in 1998 when former President Bill Clinton was brought before the Senate.


“Yeah, I’ve done this before,” he remarked.

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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