Home News ‘A mother first’ – Melania Trump speaks candidly about what matters most

‘A mother first’ – Melania Trump speaks candidly about what matters most

‘A mother first’ – Melania Trump speaks candidly about what matters most

First lady Melania Trump along with second lady Karen Pence, addressed a group of school-aged children at Albritton Middle School on Monday, where Trump told them that she considers being the first lady a “privilege” and an “honor” but that she is a mother first, The DailyMail reported.

Trump talked about life in the White House, along with her official duties and her family

“It’s a balancing act and my son – our son – is still a priority. So I feel I am still a mother first. He is at an age where he needs parents for guidance,” she told those in attendance.

Both the first and second lady took questions about their jobs and what it was like to serve from the group of almost 400 students.

“We are working hard every day to keep America great,” Melania Trump told a student.

“I think our husbands are doing a fantastic job and I would support my husband if he would run again and yes, it’s a privilege, a great honor to serve,” she said, addressing the possibility of a second term for the Trump administration.

Trump told the middle school-aged children, however, that her favorite part of being the first lady are the people that she meets.

“My favorite experience is meeting all of you, meeting people all around the country and meeting people all around the world. And shine a spotlight on children and our next generation,” she said.

“There is a lot of change,” she told the kids of being first lady. “You move from the city that you leave, and you taking care of different things that you took care of before.


“But I would not change for anything. I love what I do. And what will affect I will always shine a light on children. And next generation. I’m here to spread positivity and confidence in being all of you, as you make heard, I have initiative Be Best.

“And I encourage all of you to be best in everything that you do, to challenge yourself to be true to yourself, and to have positive way in your life.”


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