Home News ACLU Makes Move To Block Trump…Again

ACLU Makes Move To Block Trump…Again

ACLU Makes Move To Block Trump…Again

Hot off their loss (for now) with the Supreme Court over the President’s travel ban the ACLU is moving to block the President again…

On Thursday the ACLU filed a motion to stop the President’s Transgender policy, ACLU posted on their website:

Imagine serving your country for over a decade in the armed forces — many of those years hiding the truth of who you are, but still showing up each day to fight for something bigger than yourself.

You put yourself on the line.

You depend on your service for your benefits, for your survival, for the survival of your family.

You plan your entire life around your career.

After years of committed service, the government finally changes policy and you can serve proudly and openly. You can be who you are and continue to thrive in your work. You don’t have to hide under the mask of an inauthentic self.

Then, in an instant, after you rely on assurances that your livelihood and existence will be safe, your government turns on you — in a tweet from your commander in chief, you are told that you cannot serve “in any capacity”; you are told that because you are transgender, everything about who you are and what you have done is irrelevant because you are not wanted. The entire country watches as you are humiliated and demeaned, and everyone is sent a message that somehow you are unworthy of even basic decency because of who you are.

Today we are filing a motion for a preliminary injunction asking the court to put an immediate stop to the President’s ban to ensure that the harms to our clients and the thousands of other transgender individuals serving our country are rectified immediately.

Do you support this action taken by the ACLU?

Credit: ACLU


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