Home News Al Green Introduces Legislation To Stop Presidents Just In Case

Al Green Introduces Legislation To Stop Presidents Just In Case

Al Green Introduces Legislation To Stop Presidents Just In Case

The presidential platform certainly comes with its perks, but Donald Trump is pushing the limits in the eyes of certain individuals.

Just this past week, it was reported that Trump is exploring the possibilities of using his power as the president to pardon himself from any offenses related to the Russian probe investigation.

Trump’s lawyers have determined that this is actually a legal possibility. Trump could make the argument that his pardoning powers extend all the way to himself, because the president’s pardoning powers are not made clear in the constitution. Also, this is just simply not a situation that the framers of the constitution had planned for.

In response to Trump, Representative Al Green (Democrat-Texas), is planning on introducing a bill that prevents presidents from being able to pardon themselves.

Green was quoted saying, “no one is above the law.” Also, he believes that this would make the United States “a country of laws for all but the president.” With that logic, the president would then be the law.

Green further explained, “To allow such would not only place the President above the law, it would make the President his own final judge, jury, and prosecutor.” Quite the scary thought in the eyes of Democrats.

Trump and his attorney, Jay Sekulow, are not bothered by Green at all. They are under the impression that officials are not even discussing Trump’s ability to issue pardons.

On Sunday, Sekulow went on to say, “We’re not researching the issue because the issue of pardons is not on the table. There’s nothing to pardon from.”

When Green was asked why he is pushing this bill, he said it was because of, “love for my country”. Evidently, he is a passionate individual that cares deeply for the United States and what he believes is right.

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