Home Politics Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cites the Bible to support her agenda

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cites the Bible to support her agenda

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cites the Bible to support her agenda

Freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has opted to cite the Bible argument to support her self proclaimed socialist agenda.

“Genesis 1: God looked on the world & called it good not once, not twice, but seven times,” the Congresswoman tweeted.

“Genesis 2: God commands all people to “serve and protect” creation.

“Leviticus: God mandates that not only the people, but the land that sustains them, shall be respected.”

“You shouldn’t need a Bible to tell you to protect our planet, but it does anyway.”

Ocasio-Cortez appeared to be attempting to tap into the moral center of the conservative base, which is largely religious. The congresswoman, however, is arguing the point that destruction of the earth is bad, based on the Bible, a point that conservatives have not contended.

What many on the right to disagree with, is Ocasio-Cortez’s premise of how the earth will be destroyed.

The freshman congresswoman appears to be citing Genesis 1:15, which states “And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.”

While it’s unclear which translation the congresswoman used in her research, her “serve and protect” quote sounds more like it was taken off the side of a police car than out of the Bible, and is strikingly similar to a Yale University Reflections piece by Steven Bouma-Prediger,

The congresswoman’s Biblical cherry picking to support her agenda does, however, seem to have overlooked the principle in Romans 1:25 where Paul admonished his readers to avoid the sins of some of their brothers and sisters who “worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator.”


Ocasio-Cortez’s ideas on saving the earth are closely entwined with her opinion on taxation and economic equality. During a recent interview, the congresswoman said she believed that a much higher tax rate would help support her pollution policies. In a separate interview, she stated that she believes that it is outright immoral to live in a society where billionaires exist, as do children who get ringworm due to inadequate healthcare.

Unfortunately, Ocasio-Cortez’s ideals on economics are not new ones, since Democrats traditionally tout the merits of equality, while Republicans argue for equality of opportunity.

While Ocasio-Cortez appears to be a champion for both the longevity of earth, as well as equality for the poor, if she really does believe the Bible, she is likely fighting a losing battle since she seems to have not properly accounted for the part of scripture where Jesus said on John 12:8 that “the poor always ye have with you…”


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