Home News Alt-Left Freaks When They Find Out Trump Supporters Are Taking Names

Alt-Left Freaks When They Find Out Trump Supporters Are Taking Names

Alt-Left Freaks When They Find Out Trump Supporters Are Taking Names

Supporters of President Trump are now “taking names.” They have put together a list that has personal information on thousands of people who they consider are opposed to Trump or associated with left-wing “anti-fascist” or “Antifa” groups.

The list was reported by BuzzFeed and has been circulated and uploaded to the internet since April.This list was initially a loose collection of names, phone numbers, addresses and social media accounts of those critical of Trump. It is grown into an organized document spread widely on the web.

The list has appeared on sites like /Pol/, which is a popular site for right-wing Trump supporters. This list appears to violate Pastebin’s terms of use because it bars users from posting email lists or personal information. Now the controversial list is being reposted on other domains by pro-Trump and far-right individuals.

Pastebin has yet to respond to requests for comments by sites like The Hill. The Hill has reviewed the list and found that although it is primarily names and social media accounts, it all includes accurate details about some individuals including their residences, hobbies, and occupations.

Much of the information was taken from names off of liberal petitions that have asked people to reject or resist Trump and fascism. The site, 4Chan, pulled the names from lists of people you have signed anti-Trump petitions. There was a discussion on 4Chan about how to use the list to disrupt anti-Trump rallies or events. Antifa groups are known for their willingness to use violence to stop activities they deem as being associated with white supremacism or fascism.

The list also targets the contact information of those associated with ShareBlue, a liberal media site that is owned by political activist David Brock.

The ease with which a list like this can be formulated and distributed is shocking. Any signed petition can lead to your personal information being widely seen on the internet. What do you think about Trump supporters using this list of those who are critical of him?

Credit: The Hill


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