Home News Amazing! Police and Military Braves Blizzard To Save Toddler

Amazing! Police and Military Braves Blizzard To Save Toddler

Amazing! Police and Military Braves Blizzard To Save Toddler

Sometimes we can get so frustrated about politics and what’s going on in the world that we forget to look at the incredible things our government and military do. Take the recent snow storm in Pennsylvania for instance.

Pennsylvania State Police worked with the Pa. National Guard and PennDOT to take a 23-month-old child from Lehigh Valley Hospital-Pocono to Geisinger Children’s hospital for a critical heart transplant. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf issued a statement about the circumstances:

“What happened was the child went to the hospital in East Stroudsburg and it was determined that he needed a heart transplant, and had to go back to Danville to Geisinger to get it. And so, PennDOT led the way with a plow train, state police went with the group to make sure they were safe. The National Guard followed up to make sure that if anything happened they could help. And the local emergency responders and healthcare practitioners made sure the baby was safe while they made that trip.”

The PA State Police posted a picture of the convoy on their Facebook page with the caption, “The snow doesn’t stop us!” Thanks to the National Guard, State Police, and PennDOT, the young child got to the hospital safe and sound and you can only imagine the smile on those first responders faces.


Sometimes, if we just take a minute to breathe, we can see a lot more kindness in the world.

Have any awesome news stories from the East Coast blizzard? Let us know below!


Credit: 6abc.com


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