Home News Amid Threats and Lack of Leadership House Republicans Delay Vote

Amid Threats and Lack of Leadership House Republicans Delay Vote

Amid Threats and Lack of Leadership House Republicans Delay Vote

Late Thursday Republican leaders announced that they will delay a vote to repeal the ACA. This comes as a response to Steny Hoyer who informed Republicans that they would shut the government down if Republicans held the vote.

Speaker Ryan and Republican leaders claimed that they still do not have enough votes. The leadership claimed that 15 House Republicans are against the bill and 20 more leaning no or undecided. Politico reports:

Multiple senior House Republican sources said Ryan and his top lieutenants have made progress and are increasingly confident that they’ll eventually garner enough support to force the bill through the chamber. They’ve locked down the most recalcitrant conservatives in the 238-member House GOP conference. And they say they’re making headway with some moderate Republicans wary of a constituent backlash if they support the health care overhaul.

Case in point: Three senior House Republican sources sounded confident Thursday that they’ve now secured a “yes” vote from House Appropriations Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen, who came out against the bill several weeks ago. The influential New Jersey Republican’s office did not return multiple requests for comment.

But leadership still has a ways to go until they hit 216, the number of votes Ryan needs to pass the bill. Since no Democrats are expected to support the measure — which would gut some of Obamacare’s central consumer protections, repeal its taxes and phase out its massive expansion of Medicaid — Ryan can afford to lose only 22 members.

The Republican party has voted to repeal the ACA 60 times and they can’t put a bill together to save their life. If you’re a Democrat this is great news because the Republican leadership is as useless as ever (at least in the house). If you’re a Republican you may want to start thinking about going after these guys that are up for re-election because they couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn.

This is now two major pieces of legislation that the Democrats have successfully delayed.


Source: Politico


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