Home News Another Ratings Grab: Schilling Makes Inflammatory Statements About Clinton

Another Ratings Grab: Schilling Makes Inflammatory Statements About Clinton

Another Ratings Grab: Schilling Makes Inflammatory Statements About Clinton

Curt Schilling might be a nobody to many people, but his recent statements on Hillary Clinton has seemed to spark outrage. The former Major League Baseball player and video game developer has become a controversial radio personality and as of last year, joined conservative-themed website, Breitbart.

His conservative views are precisely aligned with the majority of conservatives in America. But as most conservatives would agree that Clinton is wrong for America they would probably not use his choice of words. Schilling jumped online and in 8 seconds managed to cover what he thought of Hillary Clinton:

“We’re not dumb-asses, … Thank God we got Trump in office… if we would have had that skank? F**k, we’d already be in World War III.”

His comments were made via social media platform, Periscope, which allows thousands of people to watch you live. But the real question is, is he right?

He may be right, but this is the same partisan statements that many from the left. Additionally, we live in the real world, and Ms. Clinton is not President, so Schilling doesn’t need to worry about it. Schillings statements are just another example of a dispatch we wrote yesterday (read here). The man is looking for ratings, so he throws out an unproductive nonrelevant statement to get buzz.

There have been reports that Hillary Clinton does have a temper. Just take the election night there were reports she lost her cool which was why she was unable to give a statement. R. Emmett Tyrrell states the following:


“Secret Service officers told at least one source that she began yelling, screaming obscenities, and pounding furniture. She picked up objects and threw them at attendants and staff. She was in an uncontrollable rage.”

Given that her election loss was a very emotional let down I don’t think we can judge her. Usually, we would ignore this article, but it’s time expose this behavior and stop it.

Credit: Barstoolsports.com | Breitbart


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