Home News Anti-Abortion Activist Just Received 15 Counts Of Charges For Surveillance

Anti-Abortion Activist Just Received 15 Counts Of Charges For Surveillance

Anti-Abortion Activist Just Received 15 Counts Of Charges For Surveillance

In a stunning announcement, two anti-abortion propagandists who illegally recorded Planned Parenthood employees in addition to making misleading videos that misrepresented the reproductive health care organization were slapped with an astonishing count of fifteen felonies.

Daniel Daleidan and Sandra Merrit, individuals who operated a fake biomedical research office known as “The Center for Medical Progress,” were charged with one count of criminal conspiracy and fourteen counts of recording individuals without their consent. If convicted, the two could face ten of thousands of dollars-worth of fines or possible time in prison.

The Center for Medical Progress released a series of what ended up being heavily edited videos that were manipulated to show Planned Parenthood employees selling fetal tissue to biomedical firms. The videos were shown during the Republican primary.

However, negotiation for transport reimbursement for the tissues was what was taking place in the original version of the videos. Republican primary candidates, Carly Fiorina and Sen. Ted Cruz, continued to proclaim that Planned Parenthood was selling baby parts.

Fiorina took things a step further by inventing a story in which she said, “Watch a fully formed fetus on a table with a heart beating and kicking legs while someone says, ‘We need to keep it alive to harvest the brain.”

The event described by Fiorina proved to be false as nothing in the videos revealed such a graphic scene. Yet, it didn’t stop Republicans from launching multiple investigations into Planned Parenthood. The investigations were funded with taxpayer money but ultimately found no wrongdoing.


Damage done to the public image of Planned Parenthood will heal over time, but there is satisfaction in knowing that religious anti-choice extremists who created such horrific lies are getting the punishment they deserve.

Source: Occupy Democrats


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