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Arts And Artifacts? Hobby Lobby Refunds Iraq

Arts And Artifacts? Hobby Lobby Refunds Iraq
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A Democratic representative from California just recently released a Tweet hilariously pointing out Hobby Lobby’s current predicament. Rep. Ted Lieu just criticized the arts and crafts company saying that their current situation is “proof karma is real.”

Hobby Lobby has been required to turn over more than 5,000 ancient Iraqi artifacts that were purchased by the company’s president in 2010. The artifacts, which sold for $1.6 million, will be handed over to the Department of Justice for the moment.
According to CNN, the DOJ says that Hobby Lobby received the artifacts from a United Arab Emirates-based supplier. This supplier smuggled in the goods by wrongly labeling the shipments as “ceramics” and “samples” instead of what they were (cuneiform tablets and clay bullae). Hobby Lobby has reached an agreement to the settlement which will cost them a $3 million dollar fine.
Despite the serious discipline, Hobby Lobby has continued to say they are fully cooperating with the investigation:

“In 2009, Hobby Lobby began acquiring a variety of historical Bibles and other artifacts. Developing a collection of historically and religiously important books and artifacts about the Bible is consistent with the company’s mission and passion for the Bible.”

Hobby Lobby President Steve Green released the following personal statement about the smuggled goods:

“We should have exercised more oversight and carefully questioned how the acquisitions were handled. Hobby Lobby has cooperated with the government throughout its investigation, and with the announcement of today’s settlement agreement, is pleased the matter has been resolved.”

Credit: The Hill | CNN


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