Home News Attack Near Notre Dame, Terror Investigation Under Way

Attack Near Notre Dame, Terror Investigation Under Way

Attack Near Notre Dame, Terror Investigation Under Way

And yet another attack has happened near Paris. A man carrying a hammer is reported to have yelled, “This is for Syria” as he smashed a police officer in the head with a hammer. The attack happened just outside the Notre Dame Cathedral on Tuesday. Authorities are currently investigating to determine whether the assault was a “terror attack.”

Once stopped, officials found that the man was also carrying two kitchen knives and some “unsophisticated weapons.” French Interior Minister Gerard Comb said the unnamed suspect attacked officers while they were patrolling the Esplanade near the Cathedral. After being attacked, the officer pulled his weapon and shot the attacker twice, rendering him useless. The attacker was then taken to a hospital says French police via Fox News.

Paris police originally wrote on Twitter that there was an increased presence of police in the area and that people should avoid the high trafficked Cathedral. The U.S. embassy also alerted Americans to “avoid the area and follow the advice of authorities.” The entire operation was labeled as dramatic by witnesses on the scene.

This attack just adds one more attack to Paris’s high volume of ISIS attacks. Just four months ago a man yelled “Allahu Akbar” while attacking soldiers outside of the Louvre. Another incident involved a police van being attacked by gunfire which left one dead and two injured. And no one can forget London’s most recent attack on the bridge.

As social media began to spread, details of the day started to be made clear. One Twitter post by Matthew CurrieHolmes said that he was trapped in the Cathedral:

Then he tweeted the following photo:


Credit: Fox News


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