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Attorney General ‘Closes Border’ During Interview

Attorney General ‘Closes Border’ During Interview

The border crossing talk has seemed to quiet down, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently brought it up on the Fox News’ “Hannity.” In the interview, Sessions came off strong to all viewers stating that anyone hoping to come into America Illegally should think twice:

“The border is not open. Please don’t come. You will be apprehended if you do come and you will be deported promptly. If you’re a criminal, you will be prosecuted, and if you assault our officers, we’re going to come at you [like] a ton of bricks.”

Sessions also told Hannity that President Trump’s actions and remarks have seemed to be working. According to a report from the Department of Homeland Security, fewer people are now attempting to cross America’s border illegally since Trump entered office.

Sessions continued, talking on the numbers of illegal immigrants crossing into America:

“I knew strong Presidential leadership, unlike the wishy-washy-ness we’ve seen in the past, would impact the flow, but not as much as we’ve seen already. The numbers are down 70 percent since President Obama left office. So it’s really a remarkable achievement.”

Sessions spoke after he came home from a visit to the U.S.-Mexico Border. There he was pushing federal prosecutors to put more emphasis on immigration-related crimes like human and drug trafficking. Along with these topics, Sessions also addressed reports that funds were being dropped from Trump’s proposed border wall:

“I believe he will get funding for the wall. I can’t imagine Congress to deny him that… It doesn’t have to be every foot of the entire 1,700-mile border … But a wall, a barrier, multiplies the ability of our border patrol and customs officers to be effective … So, this is the way to go.”

Sessions has held close to Trump in their opinions of immigration and the border wall, but do you think they are actually having that much of an impact on the immigration? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


Credit: Fox News


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