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Bannon Is On the Hot Seat

Bannon Is On the Hot Seat

President Trump’s response to Charlottesville has been met with all sorts of responses over the last few days. However, Javier Palomarez, a member of the National Diversity Council, is taking a different approach with it saying that chief strategist Stephen Bannon should resign because of Trump’s remarks.

As president and CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Palomarez suggested that Trump’s statements over the issues in Virginia were “shallow, belated, and feckless.” He also stated that Bannon should be fired as well for his connection to Trump’s “alt-right” focus.

Trump was criticized after he strongly condemned the hate groups by name, but did so two days after the event. Unfortunately, many news outlets are neglecting to mention he did reject their actions and are placing focus on his second statement which said “many sides” were blamed for the violence.

Palomarez gave the following statement to The Hill:

“Denouncing white supremacy without equivocation and without reservation should have been a no-brainer for President Trump. Sadly, it seems clear that influential members of his administration were more worried about winning votes through dog whistles and winks and nods to the most evil elements of our society than in maintaining the moral authority of the presidency.”

Bannon was called out by Palomarez for “his history of proudly cultivating the so-called ‘alt-right,’” which is referring to the neo-nazi’s and extreme nationalists. He also stated that Trump must fire Bannon to help keep his credibility with minority voters. In a final statement, Palomarez said the following:

“Firing Steve Bannon is the first step and a needed step to begin the process of healing the bad feelings this administration has engendered.”

What do you think about Bannon being fired? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: The Hill


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