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Bannon Issues A Strong Warning To the GOP

Bannon Issues A Strong Warning To the GOP

Now that Bannon has left the White House many are making a case about the real reason why Bannon left. Plus, over the weekend Bannon made a statement that hints what many think could be true…

Did the White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon leave over the controversy surrounding his leadership? Or was it a strategic move by the president to get Bannon back to his conservative media outlet, Breitbart News. Think about it, who needs TrumpTV with Breitbart, or the two working together.

Bannon is already speaking out about the road ahead. He said that GOP leadership shouldn’t expect “sweetness and light” from the Republican Party if they don’t get behind President Trump’s agenda.

The former chief strategist gave an interview with The Washington Post on Saturday and said that Republican leaders in Congress and the White House would be “one big happy family” if the GOP would just fall in line behind the president. Unfortunately, Bannon does not expect that to happen.

“If the Republican Party on Capitol Hill gets behind the president on his plans and not theirs, it will all be sweetness and light, be one big happy family,” Bannon said to the Post. Bannon then noted that he doesn’t expect any “sweetness” anytime soon.

Bannon departed from the White House on Friday and immediately resumed his position at the helm of the online media company Breitbart. He pledged to “go to war” for President Trump’s agenda. President Trump praised his former chief strategist on Twitter just a few hours after he left the White House. Trump said that at Breitbart Bannon would be “competition” for the mainstream “fake news” media.

“Steve Bannon will be a tough and smart new voice at [Breitbart News] … maybe even better than ever before. Fake News needs the competition!” Trump said Friday.

Countering the potential “sweetness and light,” Bannon described the present White House administration as dangerously divided on policy matters.

“No administration in history has been so divided among itself about the direction where it should go,” he told the Post.

Was Bannon let go because of tension or for strategy?

Credit: The Hill


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