Home News Betsy DeVos’ new college campus guidelines are enraging the left

Betsy DeVos’ new college campus guidelines are enraging the left

Betsy DeVos’ new college campus guidelines are enraging the left

Daily Beast columnist Margaret Carlson penned her analysis of the new Trump administration Campus Sexual Assault Rules, which according to Carlson, could be traumatic for women.

Carlson, who was formerly the first woman columnist at Time magazine, a columnist at Bloomberg View, a weekly panelist on CNN’s “Capital Gang” and managing editor at the New Republic, according to her biography, didn’t mince words when she characterized Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ policy as something “traumatizing victims all over again.”

“Imagine if Donald Trump, a man accused of sexual assault by more than a dozen women, were able to write the standards by which he would be judged,” Carlson said. “Don’t imagine: Just look at the new rules being promulgated by the president that will govern how accusations of sexual assault at schools and colleges are handled.”

According to the Daily Beast columnist, one of the most offensive parts of the policy something tat takes a page out of the United States own legal code when it gives the accused the chance to cross-examine their accuser.

“One of the worst would allow for cross-examination of accusers in real time, traumatizing victims all over again. Others change the standards of proof, notice and jurisdiction. Some make it easier for schools to escape responsibility altogether.

“Critics argue that schools generally tilted by default towards ‘I believe her,’ depriving males of a fair shake—although the opposite bias is the reason #MeToo exists.”

Carlson cited the trauma that no doubt took colleges by storm when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of abuse that dated back to 30 plus years ago.

“For coeds, seeing Dr. Ford turned into the villain is proof that the most perfect complainants can be destroyed by coming forward. For Trump, this moment in sexual jurisprudence left him very, very concerned about ‘young men in America,’ for whom it’s ‘a very scary time.’


“Young men, relax,” Carlson said. “The rules promulgated by Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy Devos will make the world a less scary place for you. In addition to allowing cross-examination, any harassment must be ‘so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive’ that it denies a person equal access to education.”

Many conservatives considered the accusations against Kavanaugh to be proof of the need for more investigation when someone accuses another individual of assault, which would be necessitated should universities adopt DeVos’ policies.


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