Home News GET HER OUT! Protesters Get Physical With DeVos

GET HER OUT! Protesters Get Physical With DeVos

GET HER OUT! Protesters Get Physical With DeVos

Protesters are at it again, but this time they were going after the new secretary of education, Betsy DeVos. On her way to enter Jefferson Middle School in Washington, D.C., DeVos was prevented from entering the school due to a handful of protesters.

Although they were few, protesters gather around the school steps to prevent her from entering. When DeVos finally reached the stairs, one man jumped in front of her forcing her security detail to pull back.

Here is the full video of the women pushing past DeVos to block her, it was unavailable to embed or download watch here. It shows the women on the stairs push past her and block her.

“Giving your money to senators and buying your way into the position – you should be so proud of yourself!” yelled a man as she walked away. He was probably bringing up the fact that DeVos made several large financial contributions to the senators who confirmed her.

The same protester continued to yell and even tried to block the vehicles as they tried to leave but was eventually taken by police. It was later learned that the protesters were a part of the Washington Teachers’ Union. However, the teachers’ union claimed those that blocked DeVos were not part of their group. Fox News reported that they were from Black Lives Matter.

While she does have the verbal support of higher up people, most of them aren’t doing anything to actually help her. Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers union, recently tweeted that while she did not support the protest, she did say voting in DeVos was a “sad day for children.”

While the protesters did push her back for a short time, DeVos and her team eventually got inside the school from a side door. She later addressed the protesters in a statement saying:

“I respect peaceful protest, and I will not be deterred in executing the vital mission of the Department of Education… No school door in America will be blocked from those seeking to help our nation’s school children.”


What do you think about DeVos’s election as Secretary of Education? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Huffington Post


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