Home News Biden accuser may have just ended Joe’s campaign before it even started

Biden accuser may have just ended Joe’s campaign before it even started

Biden accuser may have just ended Joe’s campaign before it even started

The Nevada Democrat who accused former Vice President Joe Biden of inappropriate contact in 2014 has lashed out once again, calling Biden’s response to the accusations “incredibly disrespectful” thanks to his jokes about asking “permission” to hug people in public.

The former legislator, Lucy Flores, criticized Biden in an interview with Fox News, two days before Biden is expected to announce his run, Fox News reported.

Flores was the first woman to accuse Biden when she alleged that in 2014 Biden came up behind her and kissed her on the back of the head and smelled her hair. Since Flores revelation, another woman has come forward and claimed that the former vice president also had inappropriate contact with her.

Biden did apologize for his actions and said that he admits he should be more mindful of “personal space.” However, days later he joked about the incident after he hugged someone on the stage, saying that he had permission to do so.

‘The basis of the behavior that I talked about was something much more serious than just a hug,’ Flores said on Fox.

“That is unprofessional, inappropriate behavior, no matter who does it,” Flores said, saying that Biden and others have made light of the inappropriate behavior.

Several of the women from ABC’s “The View” came to Biden’s defense, including self-described conservative, Meghan McCain, whose family has a close relationship with the Bidens.

“You know Joe Biden’s presidential campaign hasn’t even officially begun and people are trying to knock him out of the running,” Whoopi Goldberg began, throwing to a clip of Flores describing her 2014 experience with Biden to CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Goldberg went on to say that Biden might be “a little overly familiar” and “a hands-on kind of guy,” however, the fact that Flores said she “felt violated” according to Goldberg means that she has to “take her at her word.”


“It would have been nice if she turned to him and said, ‘You know what, I don’t really like this,’ or ‘Mr. Vice President, I’m not really comfortable with this,’” Goldberg added. “Something, because she’s standing right there.”

“It’s hard to say to somebody that’s sniffing your hair,” co-host Joy Behar interjected. “It’s a long way from smelling your hair to grabbing your hoo-ha,” Behar went on.


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