Home Politics Bill Barr tears media to shreds over Russia investigation

Bill Barr tears media to shreds over Russia investigation

Bill Barr tears media to shreds over Russia investigation

Attorney General William Barr spoke to CBS’s Jab Crawford in an interview for “CBS This Morning,” in which he put the media on blast for their lack of interest in a potential bombshell story about misuse of power in investigating President Donald Trump during his campaign.

“The attorney general’s responsibility is to make sure that these (intelligence) powers are not used to tread upon first amendment activity and that certainly was a big part of my formative years of dealing with those issues,” Barr said during his interview.

“The fact that today people just seem to brush aside the idea that it is okay to you know, to engage in these activities against a political campaign is stunning to me especially when the media doesn’t seem to think that it’s worth looking into. They’re supposed to be the watchdogs of, you know, our civil liberties.”

When pressed as to what illegal activity he believed that the former Justice Department under the Obama administration might have acted out, Barr said, “Well, I’ll say at this point is that it, you know, I- like many other people who are familiar with intelligence activities, I had a lot of questions about what was going on.”

“I assumed I’d get answers when I went in and I have not gotten answers that are well satisfactory, and in fact probably have more questions, and that some of the facts that- that I’ve learned don’t hang together with the official explanations of what happened.”

When Crawford asked for further explanation, Barr said that he wasn’t prepared to get into details but that “things are just not jiving, and I’m not saying at this stage that.”

Later in the interview, Crawford cited Barr’s recent Senate testimony when he said, “I think there was probably a failure among a group of leaders there at the upper echelon.”


Barr went on to clarify, saying “In other words, I don’t believe this is a problem you know, rife through the bureau … Because I think the activities were undertaken by a small group at the top which is one of the- probably one of the mistakes that has been made instead of running this as a normal bureau investigation or counterintelligence investigation. It was done by the executives at the senior level.”


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