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WOW: Look Who BUBBA Sounds Like In Private … You WON’T Believe This!


Former President Bill Clinton has been echoing in secret the claims of Republican Donald Trump for almost a year.

Clinton’s like-minded claims of white, working-class Americans suffering from shorter life expectancy and no economic hope were revealed in leaked emails. Clinton drove home the points during a closed-door speech in Ohio before Democratic donors in November 2015.

While raising money for his wife, Clinton exposed the truth about President Barak Obama’s relentless attack on the middle-class and white America over eight years. It’s an attack that has sent all races into economic decline in the US.

From The Daily Caller:

Clinton expressed his frustration with the most recent (at that time) Democratic debate, which he said lacked a single mention of the fact that “84 percent of the American people, after inflation, had not had a raise of 1 cent since the financial crash.”

“We have incredible debates all over America that shouldn’t exist between people in different racial groups because they don’t trust law enforcement anymore,” he continued. “And in the middle of all this we learned, breathtakingly, that middle-aged, non-college-educated white Americans’ life expectancy is going down and is now lower than Hispanics, even though they make less money.”

Minorities are gaining on white Americans, and not for good reasons.

“And the gap between African Americans and whites is closing, but unfortunately not because the death rate among African Americans is dropping but because the death rate among white Americans is rising.” Clinton continued.

“Why? Because they don’t have anything to look forward to when they get up in the morning. Because their lives are sort of stuck in neutral.”

Among thousands of emails hacked by WikiLeaks was the transcript of Clinton’s revealing speech.


Without the promise of America once open to everyone, all races are in decline. That decline will continue while Obama’s policies are left to stand. Add in the liberal and socialist agenda of Hillary Clinton, and no working-class American stands to prosper going forward.

Trump must gain the White House and stop the tide of corrupt and elitist politics that are affecting Americans of all races.


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