Home Politics Bill Clinton offers Trump bipartisan impeachment advice – “That’s what I would do”

Bill Clinton offers Trump bipartisan impeachment advice – “That’s what I would do”

Bill Clinton offers Trump bipartisan impeachment advice – “That’s what I would do”

Former President Bill Clinton had some advice for the current Commander-in-Chief when he said that President Donald Trump should leave the impeachment fight to his party and his staff and focus on his own agenda.

“My message would be, look, you got hired to do a job,” Clinton, the last president to be impeached, said during an interview according to The Hill. “You don’t get the days back you blow off. Every day is an opportunity to make something good happen.

“And I would say, ‘I’ve got lawyers and staff people handling this impeachment inquiry, and they should just have at it,'” he continued. “Meanwhile, I’m going to work for the American people. That’s what I would do.”

Trump, however, seems loath to adhere to Clinton’s advice, as he went on tweeting about the issue late on Thursday evening:

“Democrats must apologize to USA: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said that ‘United States Ambassador Gordon Sondland did NOT link financial military assistance to a request for Ukraine to open up an investigation into former V.P. Joe Biden & his son, Hunter Biden. Ambassador Sondland did not tell us, and certainly did not tell me, about a connection between the assistance and the investigation.’ THE FAKE IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY IS NOW DEAD!”

This wasn’t his first comment on the issue either. Trump has been keeping his direct line to the American people open via Twitter, quoting several media personalities, including The Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henniger:

“WSJ: Nancy Pelosi had it right the first time when she did not want to go down the Impeachment path,” Trump tweeted in a quote from Henniger. “Make it a voting issue. But no, the Left insisted on raising this to the gravity of a constitutional crisis & Impeachment. The hearings suggested it’s not going anywhere, so we’ve now had 3 years of the Democrats chasing Donald Trump.

“Nancy Pelosi’s worried about the American voter looking for someone to blame for that eventually. Look at her own story in the House. What have they done? The average American can’t identify anything that the House Democrats have done since she’s become Speaker, other than chase Donald Trump.” This Impeachment Hoax is such a bad precedent and sooo bad for our Country!”

The president also quoted Fox News’ Stuart Varney saying, “That hearing was about a policy dispute” and that “Regular people watching this cannot conclude that the President of the United States can be impeached.”


Written by Savannah Pointer.

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