Home News Billboard Is Immediately Removed After Melania Trump Threatens To Sue

Billboard Is Immediately Removed After Melania Trump Threatens To Sue

Billboard Is Immediately Removed After Melania Trump Threatens To Sue

Melania Trump is not happy after a picture of her showed up on a billboard…..

Two billboards popped up in the capital city of Croatia promoting a school that teaches English. The only problem was it used the First Lady as an example and they didn’t get her permission.

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Newsweek reports:

Two billboards for an English-language school were quickly removed from the Croatian capital Tuesday after first lady Melania Trump threatened to sue because the use of her likeness suggested she had endorsed the school’s message, “Just imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English.”

A lawyer for Trump, Natasa Pirc-Musar, told Newsweek the company responsible for the marketing campaign had “grossly violated” the law and “unlawfully intruded on [Trump’s] personality rights.”

The social networks went crazy,” the campaign’s designer, Ivis Buric, told Newsweek. “Thousands of shares, retweets, and they’re still coming in at pretty much the same rate with the positive or neutral comments. The campaign is also trending on sites like Reddit.”

Not bad for a shoestring operation, Buric said, calling it a “really low-budget campaign.” She claimed the ad was never meant to be disrespectful, but many took its message as a play on the Slovenian native first lady’s sometimes-imperfect English skills. Buric denied this, and said it was meant to inspire.

“The most recognized emigrant to the U.S. from this region happens to be the first lady of the United States,” she said. “And we thought it would draw a lot of interest to combine those two elements.”

Trump has hired the Slovenian Pirc Musar law firm before to protect her face and name, which began appearing on products like honey, cakes, underwear and shoes in her home country, Slovenia, after her election.

Do you think Melania Trump should have allowed the school to use her image? Or should the school have checked with her first?

Source: Newsweek


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