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Bouncer Turned Hero in Face of London Terrorists

Bouncer Turned Hero in Face of London Terrorists

A horrific scene unfolded on Saturday at the London Bridge and Borough Market as three jihadi terrorists, imitating suicide bombers, attacked the U.K. hotspots. While many fled, several brave Londoners jumped into action to defend against the killers, including a man named Ozzie, father of one and bouncer at the Wheatsheaf pub.

After the terrorists reportedly ran a van over innocent victims on the London Bridge, they proceeded into a knifing rampage through the Borough Market. Hearing the commotion, Ozzie rallied his fellow workers to scope out the streets. After laying eyes on the chaos and witnessing the radicals repeatedly stabbing a woman, Ozzie and the other doormen with him began to flee the scene.

But Ozzie started to have second thoughts and quickly turned around. He later told one of his friends what was going on in his mind:

“I realized I had to do something. If I hadn’t turned back there were so many people caught up in the panic there would have been more hurt.”

Returning to the terror, he and another courageous bystander began “launching barstools, bottles, and glasses” at the now-deceased aggressors in an attempt to hamper their efforts.

The usually peaceful streets of London had transformed in just a few minutes into a bloody scene of battle between good and evil. According to Ozzie:

“It was completely chaotic, like a war zone.”

Resulting in seven deaths and four dozen injuries, the attack could have been much worse without the brave souls that chose to stand up against the fear-invoking terrorists. Right outside the pub where Ozzie and his new friend fought back, the madmen ran into the cops who put them to death with over 50 bullets.

Many agree that 33-year-old Ozzie became a hero that night. One of the bouncer’s friends told the press:

“Ozzie’s an absolute hero — he deserves a medal.”

Another source reported that the doorman’s “hands were bruised from fighting off the terrorists.” Ozzie’s very own wife told their seven-year-old son:

“Your dad’s a hero; he saved people’s lives last night.”

According to another friend, however, Ozzie has never been one to flee from danger. A Pentecostal Christian, he has a sacrificial love that made a life-and-death difference on Saturday. His son agrees that his dad’s heroism is not a surprise, but rather to be expected. His only reply to his mom was:


“My dad’s always a hero.”

According to the source, the seven-year-old did not know the details of how his brave dad saved lives that night. But may he always be honored for such a marvelous act of love.

Men and women stood up that night to defend their innocent peers. A bar-owner barricaded doors, allowing people to escape to safety, a taxi driver drove his car at the terrorists after seeing the atrocity, and many kindhearted Londoners offered up their homes to those stuck in the area. In light of such a devastating event, the unity of love prevailed across the city.

Credit: The Sun


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