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Shocking! Protester Gets Caught On Camera and You Won’t Believe What She Said

Shocking! Protester Gets Caught On Camera and You Won’t Believe What She Said

On Wednesday the protesters at Standing Rock were told to evict their camp by 2 pm or they would be removed from the camp. The state claimed that the reason the camp was being cleared was because they are in a flood plain and they are near to the spring thaw. After the deadline, a small group remanded to make a last stand. During a speech one of the protesters was pleading with those that remanded to leave for fear they would be arrested. That’s when one of the protesters said: “We make good money when they arrest us that’s for damn sure.”

Here is the clip the statement is at the 11 second mark:

Ooops I’m pretty sure the protesters didn’t want that to get. Well, if there was any speculation that SOME (not all) of the protesters there received payment. The left continues to officially say that protests around the country are spontaneous after this video there may be some untruth to that claim.

In fairness, the women initially speaking made a fantastic plea for those to leave and not standoff with police. After the women gave a very heartfelt message a decent portion of the group left. You can watch the video here:

When police moved in two hours after the deadline there were more media left than protesters. It was a peaceful end to the protest that has seen violent clashes with police over the past few months.

What the next step for the Standing Rock protesters is unclear most of their camps have been cleared. Two camps are left however, the tribe is being very selective about how stays and who must leave. Funds have been made available for the protesters to go to town, receive medical aid, and receive a bus ticket to leave.


The pipeline did move through a controversial path and legally the tribe may have a winning lawsuit. But if the left is going to send protesters they should probably make sure they don’t spill the beans about being paid to get arrested. It kinda puts a damper on the legitimacy of the movement.

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