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Bubba DISSES Average Voters In Private! … Hillary’s Team Is OUT OF CONTROL!


As the news cycle grows worse and worse for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, those around her are working feverishly to get the attention off of her and on to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the disparaging statements he made about women in the past. But the latest WikiLeaks emails continue to reveal that those closest to Clinton have made their fair share of disparaging remarks as well.

A transcript of a speech given by former President Bill Clinton was found within one of the many leaked emails from the account of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. The speech, given at a private fundraiser in October 2015 reveals Bill Clinton’s true impressions of Trump supporters. And it’s not flattering.

The Daily Caller reported Clinton “scoffed at working class voters for worrying about the economic impact of immigration.”

I think he’s a master brander and he’s sensing sort of the emotional landscape of people he’s selling to…And for a significant part of the base, which are the basically the non-Evangelical white working class people, who have become alienated by the Democrats for cultural reasons and because of their, they have an IV hooked up to FOX News all the time.

This is not the first time that Clinton has made disparaging remarks on the campaign trail. Clinton has been criticized before for his language after he mocked “the coal people” in West Virginia and Kentucky who were supporting Trump. Hillary Clinton has maintained that she will put the coal industry out business if she’s elected to the presidency.

Others around Bill Clinton obviously share his views. Hillary Clinton has previously declared Trump’s supporters as “deplorable,” and other leaked emails show Clinton staffers using inappropriate language to describe Jewish people and people of color.


So while Democrats continually use their friends and collaborators within the mainstream media to blast Republicans for anything even remotely offensive, they hide their own prejudice.


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