Home News Bush 43 Takes Another Swing At President Trump

Bush 43 Takes Another Swing At President Trump

Bush 43 Takes Another Swing At President Trump

George W. Bush, the 43rd president, just made a comparison of his presidency to the current administration under President Trump. He basically said his tenure as Commander-in-Chief doesn’t seem so bad.

With Bush 43rd’s famous smirk, the former president has been heard joking that President Donald Trump’s scandals “sorta makes me look pretty good,” according to the National Journal Monday night.

A Republican official close to the Trump White House recently said about Bush, “He’s shaking his head like everyone else wondering why they can’t get their act together. He wants the guy to succeed but thinks a lot of his problems are self-inflicted.”

Of course Bush 43’s statement may have been released after the President tweeted out over the weekend that invading Iraq was  “the single worst decision ever made.” However, last week he also endorsed George P. Bush ― one of Jeb’s three children ― for reelection as Texas land commissioner, calling him “Trump’s Man in Texas.”

 What do you think of Bush’s comparison?

Credit: Raw Story


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