Home News Bye-bye: Trump officially moves ahead with Rod Rosenstein’s replacement

Bye-bye: Trump officially moves ahead with Rod Rosenstein’s replacement

Bye-bye: Trump officially moves ahead with Rod Rosenstein’s replacement

President Donald Trump has moved to nominate a replacement for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein just days after the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller shook Washington D.C. with its lack of indictments against the president.

The president has nominated deputy secretary of Transportation Jeffrey Rosen, as Rosenstein’s replacement at the Department of Justice, according to The Hill.

Rosenstein’s time at the Department of Justice has been tumultuous, and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already taken his leave amid frustration from the White House concerning the special investigation by Robert Mueller, which Rosenstein oversaw.

The deputy attorney general was initially thought to be leaving the department after the current attorney general, William Barr, was confirmed and installed into office.

However, According to Fox News, Rosenstein and new Attorney General William Barr have reached an agreement for the deputy to stay at the DOJ “a little longer” according to Fox’s source familiar with their conversation. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/rosenstein-hanging-on-at-doj-amid-mueller-probe-wind-down-despite-plans-to-leave-by-now

The announcement was made just weeks ago, and Department of Justice sources told Fox News that Rosenstein is functioning as the liaison between department headquarters and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office during his special investigation.

It was reported in January that Rosenstein would be leaving the Department of Justice, it was thought, in just a few weeks, according to multiple reports.

“Rosenstein has already informed President Donald Trump and White House officials of his plan to leave the administration once William Barr, Trump’s nominee for attorney general, takes office …” Newsweek reported.


Rosenstein is the one who appointed special counsel Robert Mueller, and according to The Associated Press, “remains his most visible Justice Department.”

There was speculation as to whether Rosenstein would leave the Justice Department after Attorney General Jeff Sessions resignation shortly after the midterm elections, however, he has persevered and stayed through the entire Mueller investigation.


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