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Cable News Networks Primetime Schedule Is About To Heat Up

Cable News Networks Primetime Schedule Is About To Heat Up

On October 30, the day before Halloween, Sean Hannity will be moving to FOX’s 9 PM slot to take on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow directly starting next week in anticipation of Fox News Channel debuting Laura Ingraham’s new show.

Suzanne Scott, president of programming for the cable newser, said, ““We are delighted to unveil this new primetime schedule for both our current and future generation of loyal FNC fans. Over the last decade, Laura’s extraordinary insight, expertise, and strong voice have connected with our viewers across the network’s programming. We look forward to her providing the audience with her exceptional commentary, engaging insight and spirited debate.”

Tucker Carlson’s 8 PM show will stay where it is, but Hannity will move to an hour ahead on September 25. On the same day, The Five will move back to its namesake 5 PM ET slot.

Ingraham will kick off The Ingraham Angle on October 30, and the 10 PM slot will be filled by various FNC hosts and contributors.

After weeks of rumors concerning the announcement, Ingraham said, “After a decade working at Fox News with a team of television pros, I am thrilled to be joining the primetime lineup as a host of the 10 o’clock hour. Martha, Tucker, and Sean have proven that they understand the pulse of America across the political and the cultural spectrum. I look forward to informing and entertaining the audience and introducing new voices to the conversation.”

Ingraham will be going head-to-head with CNN’s Don Lemon and MSNBC’s Laurence O’Donnell at 10 PM, the Angle looks to be set.

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