Home News Cali Starts to Cave: AG Issues New ‘Guidance’ for Sanctuary Laws

Cali Starts to Cave: AG Issues New ‘Guidance’ for Sanctuary Laws

Cali Starts to Cave: AG Issues New ‘Guidance’ for Sanctuary Laws

On Wednesday one day after Orange County joined the Trump Administration in seeing the state of California over their sanctuary laws, there seems to be a change.

The Attorney General of California is issuing new guidance that police can and should share information about illegal immigrants and the federal homeland security department.

Police and sheriffs are still prohibited from asking anyone about their legal status and cannot hold illegal immigrants at the request of ICE.

“This provision does not prohibit inquiries into an individual’s immigration status to immigration authorities, or exchanging immigration status information with any other federal, state, or local government entity,” Kevin Gardner, the chief of the state Department of Justice’s law enforcement division, wrote in two new memos.

The new rules also give Orange County a tip of the hat to their new policy of making release dates of all inmates available online and will allow Orange County to flag inmates for ICE.

Lastly, the new guidance allows local police to backup federal immigration officials as long as a law is being broken.

This appears to be the state of California’s attempt to satisfy a growing revolt to the states sanctuary law that started in Orange County and is spreading to San Diego.



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