Home News California gov slammed for focusing on El Salvador instead of his own state

California gov slammed for focusing on El Salvador instead of his own state

California gov slammed for focusing on El Salvador instead of his own state

Agnes Gibboney, a woman whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant in the Los Angeles-area, had harsh words for California Gov. Gavin Newsom following his recent trip to Central America, Fox News reported.

Gibboney said during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” that she considers Newsom’s mission to invest in El Salvador in hopes of keeping migrants from flooding to the United States to be a ludicrous one.

“Absolutely the wrong move. California has a lot of issues,” she said when asked about Newsom’s proposed approach. Gibboney pointed to California’s issues with infrastructure as well as economic growth and schools.

“He ought to be focusing on what is happening in our state, not another country. It’s not his job to be doing that.”

However, the governor plans to take action, following his visit to El Salvador.

“Helping stabilize El Salvador directly helps California by mitigating the border challenges, by mitigating migration, by tempering the rhetoric with the Trump administration,” the Los Angeles Times quoted Newsom as saying. “It’s about finding a different angle in the debate.”

“I think the economic opportunities, the investment opportunities are real, and getting some California industry, business interests to take a look at El Salvador is something that we’re clearly going to pursue,” he also said.

Gibbony, however, believes that Newsome has enough to do at home to protect his citizens, specifically from people like her son’s killer, who will walk free early next year.


“I have no respect for the California government because they let me down. They protect criminal illegal aliens – they’re not protecting my family,” she told ‘Fox & Friends’.

“Where was my son’s sanctuary? Where is my sanctuary? And to let everyone know, the individual that murdered my son will be released from prison in the state of California next year in February. This is an outrage. We need to protect our own – not criminals and not illegals that are costing taxpayers billions and billions of dollars a year.”


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