Home News California governor goes to El Salvador to bash President Trump

California governor goes to El Salvador to bash President Trump

California governor goes to El Salvador to bash President Trump

California Gov. Gavin Newsom took his avid anti-President Donald Trump sentiments international this week as he addressed a crowd in El Salvador, attempting to counter the president’s plan to cut off more than $400 million in aid to several countries.

According to Newsom, the president’s declaration that the United States is “full” and that asylum-seekers should go elsewhere, is an unacceptable policy for the U.S.

“Right now you have a president that talks down to people, talks past them, demoralizing folks living here and their relatives in the United States,” Newsom told reporters according to The DailyMail.

“I think it’s important to let folks know that’s not our country – that’s an individual in our country who happens at this moment to be president,” he said.

Newsom’s trip followed an announcement from the White House that aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras would be cut, thanks to the sudden increase in immigrants making border crossings from those countries.

Mayor Ernesto Muyshondt of San Salvador, the capital city, was pleased with Newsom’s message while in his country and said that he hopes the governor can use his influence to change the president’s mind.

The funds, which are designed to make way for economic progress and opportunity, if cut, would end in more refugees fleeing the country, thanks to a halt in progress, according to Muyshondt.

“I think if he can get a feel for our country and our challenges and opportunities, I think he can be a good spokesperson,” said Muyshondt, a member of the country’s conservative political party when he joined Newsom on his tour.

Newsom, who is governor of the state with the highest Salvadoran population, pledging $25 million in state money to help asylum-seekers, according to the DailyMail


While the Trump administration has yet to comment directly on Newsom’s trip, Republicans in his home state have said they believe the governor should focus on his own constituency instead of looking for international problems to solve.

Republican state Assemblyman Devon Mathis said in a statement: “The tragic circumstances that drive migrants from their homes should remind us that we have people living in crushing poverty in our own communities. Our attention and resources should be focused there.”


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