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California Is Not Giving Up On An Exit

California Is Not Giving Up On An Exit

Will the 3rd time be a charm? Get ready for CalExit III. On Thursday, people who are unhappy with California’s connection to the United States filed another proposed ballot measure that could lead to the Golden State becoming its nation. This proposal follows CalExit I and CalExit II.

This 3rd effort has a goal of convening a U.S. constitutional convention to overhaul what supporters call a “moldy national blueprint out of step with life in California.” The new measure reports that a reworked Constitution should include a provision that creates a “clear and reasonable path for states to achieve complete independence from the United States should any state so choose.” This would be unprecedented; no state has ever become independent under the existing U.S. Constitution.

“The world has changed dramatically since 1787,” reads the preamble of the California Calls for a Constitutional Convention, or “Cal Con Con.”

This latest measure is an attempt to use the ballot box to renegotiate California’s relationship with the U.S. government. The first CalExit proposal set a timeline for votes on independence, but the movement fizzled. The new measure that was filed this Spring goes for more autonomy for possible independence.

Marcus Ruiz Evans was the vice president of “Yes California,” who crafted CalExit I. He resigned from the movement as it was fizzling out and said that the leader, Louis J. Marinelli, was a distraction because of his ties to Russia. Evans is now one of the key leaders in the Cal Con Con team.

In the video below, you can watch an interview that Tucker Carlson of Fox News does with a CalExit leader. Some consider it to be hilarious. What do you think?

Credit: The Sacramento Bee


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