Home News California Pledges Unemployment to Federal Workers Amid Shutdown

California Pledges Unemployment to Federal Workers Amid Shutdown

California Pledges Unemployment to Federal Workers Amid Shutdown

The Democratic governors of California, Wisconsin and New Mexico have promised unemployment benefits fro government workers furloughed due to the government shutdown according to The Daily Caller.

It is currently unclear who will qualify, and whether the benefits will need to be paid back, however certainly only the federal employees who have missed paychecks will be qualified for the program.

“The dysfunction at the federal level that has led to the shutdown has some real, significant impact for people at the state level,” Scott Pattison, who heads the National Governors Association, told The Hill.

“The states administer the unemployment insurance program. The states administer food stamps. You could just go on and on.”

“There are a lot of ways to describe this government shutdown,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom tweeted. “Cruel. Pointless. Now, dangerous. We can’t let this go on. The American people shouldn’t be held hostage over politics.”

On Wednesday, president Donald Trump signed a piece of legislation that would guarantee all furloughed workers would be paid once the government reopens, CNBC reported.

“The House and Senate cleared the bill last week. It does not specifically state when employees will see any money, only that they will be paid as soon as possible once the shutdown ends.”

However, that measure may mean that furloughed workers who are currently receiving unemployment need to be prepared to repay their state once the back pay is received, according to CNBC.

As the government shutdown drags on, nearing the one month mark, CNBC reported that 4,700 federal employees filed for unemployment last week, which was up for 929 the prior week.

According to the Daily Caller, many private companies and corporations are offering help to federal workers the form of waved late fees and interest-free loans.

AT&T has promised that furloughed federal workers will have their late fees waived on all bulls until the shutdown is over.


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