Home News California’s Sen. Dianne Feinstein Facing Jeers and Boos for not Opposing Trump

California’s Sen. Dianne Feinstein Facing Jeers and Boos for not Opposing Trump

California’s Sen. Dianne Feinstein Facing Jeers and Boos for not Opposing Trump

83-year old Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) experienced major fight-back for presenting her ideas about healthcare at a meeting in San Francisco’s town hall on Monday. Her accusers demanded her to retire, and combatted her speech with name-calling and disrespectful jeers.

In a video recorded from the meeting, Feinstein completely pauses her monolog in the midst of thunderous “boo’s” to ask:

“Hold it up. Hold it up. How many want me to continue?”

She did receive some cheers of encouragement, pushing her to say in a response toward her attackers:

“How many of you want to rabble-rouse?”

Confident in her course of action, she did not seem phased by the interruptions. According to the Los Angeles Times, the left-wing activists have been seeking to give Sen. Feinstein a piece of their minds ever since the election. Trump-opposers have been pushing her to publically speak out against the President, even calling his administration “corrupt” and “incompetent.”

Activists don’t believe she is pushing hard enough

When Feinstein stated her opinion on the single-payer system:

“If single-payer healthcare is going to mean complete takeover by the government of all healthcare, I’m not there yet.”

The uproar truly began. Democrats in California are outraged with the way she has operated in office. She is being deemed a “sellout,” because her ideas are lining up more with Trump’s policies — not only in healthcare but in foreign policy as well. She called North Korea the “number one” problem for the U.S. and expressed support for the Pentagon’s recent actions against the country. One California blogger boldly called her out for her wishy-washy support:

“Let’s face it: You are a hawkish, centrist Democrat in a state full of voters that have become much more liberal than you have shown yourself to be. Perhaps now would be a great time to retire and make way for a candidate who better reflects the views of your constituents?”

Feinstein has still hinted, however, at running for re-election despite her opposition. In office since 1992, she seems to have the desire to go for the fifth term. When questioned outside the courthouse, she vaguely responded:

“We’re doing things … you’ll know soon enough.”

She also did not hold back from defending her position, implying that there is more going on behind the scenes:


“You’re pretty good at yelling. It takes a plan. You gotta work something out. You gotta have people with you.”

She then compared herself to other senators:

“I’d be surprised if you found too many senators – if any – that have gotten more done. I don’t get there by making statements I can’t deliver. I get there through some caution, some discussion, some smart help, good lawyers, and we generally get where we’re going.”

Credit: Breitbart


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