Home National News ‘Campaign To Harass and Intimidate’ Anti-Trump Failed Journalist Arrested

‘Campaign To Harass and Intimidate’ Anti-Trump Failed Journalist Arrested

‘Campaign To Harass and Intimidate’ Anti-Trump Failed Journalist Arrested

A former reporter was recently arrested by the FBI for bomb threats against Jewish groups all across the country. Juan Thompson, 31, was fired after his previous employer, The Intercept, learned that he made up sources on his stories.

Thompson was arrested in St. Louis and charged with 8 counts of bomb threats and cyberstalking one of his previous girlfriends. According to the criminal complaint, the threats were made under the name of both Thompson and his ex-girlfriend. The criminal complaint says all threats were made by phone or email.

The threats by Mr. Thompson aren’t the first this year. Since the election of President Donald Trump, dozens of Jewish Community Centers have been the target of bomb threats, vandalism, and more. The left side of politics has been trying to tie this directly to the President, but the president condemned the actions during his joint address to congress.

The criminal complaint also found evidence on Thompson’s Twitter account. All though out his account, you will find traces of communist and anti-Trump statements. Could you imagine the media if he was a Trump supporter?

His first tweet that made the criminal complaint was:

“Know any good lawyers? Need to stop this nasty/racist [white girl] I dated who sent a bomb threat in my name & wants me to be raped in jail.”

The accused also tweeted the following about his ex-girlfriend:

“I’m been tormenting by an anti-semite named Francesca Rossi. She works for [Housing and Services inc]. She sent an antijewish bomb threat in my name. Help.”

The not-so-smart man even tweeted this past week saying:


“Another week, another round of threats against Jewish ppl. In the middle of the day, you know who’s at a JCC? Kids. KIDS.”

He clearly wasn’t using intelligence when he tweeted that one out.

Credit: Daily Caller


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