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Can A Handshake Tell Us Anything About Trump?

Can A Handshake Tell Us Anything About Trump?

President Trump has an abnormal fascination with body language but it’s most seen in the way he shakes hands. His most recent handshake with the Japanese Prime Minister caught the attention of all the press after he held an awkward 19-second handshake for the press.

The length of the handshake is probably attributed to Trump’s lack of knowledge in the realm of meeting foreign dignitaries. It’s safe to assume as a businessman, Trump knows body language well. Therefore, he would know that a lingering handshake tells the other party that he was desperate…something Trump isn’t really known for.

Another unique aspect of Trump’s handshake with the Prime Minister was that he offered his handshake with his palm facing upwards. According to Business Insider, a handshake with the palm facing down signifies an upper-hand or showing dominance. When you offer your hand palm facing up, you’re giving the other person power by ‘submitting’ to their dominance. Trump may have been using this technique to allow the Prime Minister to feel in control.

This week, Trump learned from the awkward handshake and changed it up with the Prime Minister of Canada. When the two met, they shook hands vertical showing unity. However, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau threw President Trump for a spin when he grabbed Trump’s arm and pulled him in closely. The “Yank and Pull” handshake according to Loner Wolf, is a power play that pulls people into their personal space for three possible reasons:

“…firstly the person may be feeling insecure and needs you to be in their own territory in order to feel comfortable and safe, or secondly they come from a culture/city that requires smaller space needs, or finally, they want to take control and get you off balance. In any of these cases, they should be considered manipulative because the person wants things done a certain way.”

These power play moves are oddly not the M.O. of President Trump thus making me think he’s allowing others to feel in authority. In a later meeting with Trudeau, President Trump shares a much shorter handshake with the Prime Minister but again offers his hand palm facing up to give the Prime Minister the appearance of submission.



I think there is much more to Trump than any of us realize. What do you think about his most recent meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau? Let us know below!

Source: Loner Wolf | Mediate


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