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James Carville LOSES IT On Live TV … Democrats Everywhere Are PANICKING!


In the wake of the announcement on Friday that the FBI has reopened the investigation into the email practices of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Democrats throughout the country have been fuming. Perhaps none more so than the ever vivacious and entertaining James Carville.

Carville, a seasoned Democratic strategist and longtime friend of the Clinton family, appeared on MSNBC Monday. Carville asserted that the American democracy is under attack, an “attempt to hijack an election.”

“It’s unprecedented, the House Republicans and the KBG are trying to influence our democracy,” he said. Watch his comments below:

Carville’s statements are erroneous and inflammatory. First, no evidence has linked the House Republicans to FBI Director James Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation into Clinton’s private email server and potential mishandling of classified information. All evidence points towards the discovery of new information by New York based FBI agents as part of their investigation into former Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-NY, who shared a laptop with his wife Huma Abedin, a close confidante and advisor to Clinton.

Second, the KGB has not existed for quite a while now. At least three times during the interview, Carville refers to the KGB. It is clear that he is simply trying to assert that the Russians are involved. But again there is no evidence.

While members of the intelligence community have indicated that they believe that many WikiLeaks emails did originate from a Russian hack, there is no evidence of their involvement in Comey’s decision and no evidence of any collusion between the Russian government and House Republicans. Carville did later clarify in the interview that he was referring to the email leak.

When anchor Thomas Roberts attempted to hold Carville accountable for previous statements he had made, pointing out that Democrats praised Comey in July when he closed the initial investigation and now those same people are vilifying him for reopening it.

“When the facts change I change my mind,” Carville said.


It appears that Carville praises Comey when Comey agrees with him and attacks him when he does not.

h/t: Lifezette


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