Home News Another State With VOTER FRAUD! … The Democrats CANNOT Help Themselves!

Another State With VOTER FRAUD! … The Democrats CANNOT Help Themselves!

Another State With VOTER FRAUD! … The Democrats CANNOT Help Themselves!

Reports of voting fraud are flooding in from across the country as millions of Americans fight through the corruption to make their vote count on Election Day.

Florida is a state with extensive history of voting irregularities (i.e. the 2000 presidential election). Sunshine State election officials have been at it again through early voting and Tuesday. Fraud is the new synonym for Florida. Republican Donald Trump warned of all this months ago.

From Proud Conservative:

This time around, absentee ballots are being fraudulently filled out in Democratic Broward County, Florida, which was just discovered with a sworn testimony via affidavit. The witness describes going into a back room where SOE employees were sitting at a table with stacks of absentee ballots, filling them out assembly line style.

A proactive citizen broke the news over Twitter after tracking down an affidavit filed with the Florida state attorney general.


An elections worker filed the complaint after she was fired for stumbling into a back-room enterprise to fill out absentee ballots assembly-line style. The worker alleges it was all voting fraud. From Newsmax:

“We were understandably alarmed about what she witnessed,” Bob Nichols, a Fort Lauderdale attorney, told Newsmax in an interview. “Our goal is to assure that all of the election rules are properly followed,” he told Newsmax. “We want a fair election for everyone.”

Similar problems were reported in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

The state attorney general’s office quickly concluded it was all “proper” Friday and that the workers were duplicating ballots by hand from damaged originals faxed by military personnel, according to Newsmax.

That explanation didn’t match what the worker saw. She explained in her affidavit the workers were filling out sheets of paper of the same size in an assembly line format. Faxed paper ballots aren’t the same size as ballots used in the tabulating machines.


“I could see the four SOE employees sitting at the same table actively filling out election ballots,” she said in the affidavit. Each worker “had a stack of blank ballots to the right of them … and a stack of completed ballots to their left.”

The four workers also were “using the same black pens … that the SOE supplies to voters at polling places.

After leaving the room and returning to work the next day, the worker was fired. She was given no explanation. Neither the attorney general’s office nor election officials offered any explanation of why she was met by uniformed security and told she was fired.

At every turn there is something new related to voting fraud. It’s a system rigged, maybe not at a national level, but at local levels in every major city and within every state. Why election officials and elected politicians can’t get this corrected is unbelievable.

Trump warned of all these possibilities and if he doesn’t win the country will be divided permanently. No one supporting Trump will believe this election was not rigged.


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