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Magazine Runs ‘Positive’ TRUMP Cover Story… Celebrities Are LOSING Their Minds!


Celebrities are continuing their public tantrums and calls for anti-American actions against US citizens and companies.

They just can’t accept that Republican Donald Trump is president-elect after sending Hillary Clinton back to the shadows with her dirty Democrats. Hollywood spewed its hatred by calling for a boycott of People Magazine. The publication had the nerve to exercise its right to free speech and publish a positive cover story about Trump and family.

Leftist elites in entertainment couldn’t stand it. From Right Wing News:

When People magazine chose to use Donald Trump as the cover of People magazine they didn’t expect the backlash. It seems as though they are doing their part to try and unify the nation. This man is the president-elect of our nation. But the public is not having any of it. They took to social media (the most horrific place right now) and angrily slammed People magazine.

Hollywood ignored President Obama’s call for peace and a smooth transition. Obama even hosted Trump and his team at the White House Thursday to help in the transition. Right Wing News agreed:

This is our nation. This is our president-elect. We can’t and shouldn’t ignore that.

We are on the same team, y’all! Let us move forward together.

Media is talking about the boycott as if it’s the only opinion out there. Not so, as demonstrated by the social media backlash against such a boycott.

Obama said it well in his congratulations speech for Trump.


The day after, we have to remember we’re all on one team. We’re Americans first. We’re patriots first. We all want what’s best for this country.

We are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country.

Celebrities and all other liberals need to abide by a peaceful transition of power.

They demanded the same from Trump during the election, now they must demand it of themselves.


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