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Quick Recap of Celebs Who Vowed to Leave U.S. if Trump Won


Dozens of actors, comedians, and other public figures vowed in public that they would leave the U.S. if Donald Trump won the presidency. The destination? Anywhere from Canada to “another planet.” And it seems some of these celebs might have stuck to their promises as the Canadian website for immigration collapsed the moment Americans realized Trump would win the White House.

But the question is how many of these celebs will stay true to their word. Here’s a quick recap of the most prominent celebrities who promised to leave the country if the GOP candidate won:

Favorite Destinations: Canada, Africa, Jupiter and… Canada

Actor Samuel L. Jackson told Jimmy Kimmel he would move to South Africa if the “motherf—er” won the elections. Jackson was upset with Trump’s “hate-filled” rhetoric. Actress Lena Dunham once said she knew a “lovely place in Vancouver” where she would move to.  The “Girls” star has been a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton during the campaign.

“House of Cards” star Neve Campbell said she would return home to Canada, if Trump wins. Actor Bryan Cranston  pledged to “absolutely” and “definitely” move, as well, but he didn’t mention a destination. He also said he “hope[d] to God” a Trump presidency wouldn’t happen.

Singer Cher said on Twitter this summer that she would make a one-way trip to Jupiter. Miley Cyrus  said on Instagram that she was scared of a Trump win.

 “I am moving if he is president. I don’t say things I don’t mean!,”

Cyrus said.

Also, Barbara Streisand and Ne-Yo vowed to move to Canada. Comedian Amy Schumer, however, said her destination of choice would be Spain. She joked that her “act will change” because she’ll have to speak in Spanish, but added that a President Trump was “beyond her comprehension.”

Comedian Chelsea Handler said in May she already bought a home in another country.

“So all these people that threaten to leave the country and then don’t — I actually will leave that country,”

Handler said.

Comedian Jon Stewart quipped that he would find a rocket and move to another planet. He explained that a Trump win would mean that our planet has already “gone bonkers.”

Mexicans Might Go Back Home on Their Own

Comedian George Lopez laughed at the possibility saying that if Trump became U.S. president his fellow Mexicans would instantly all go back home.

Whoopi Goldberg said “maybe” she would move. She added that she could afford to move anyway. Actor Keegan-Michael Key said he “might” leave to Canada in an on-the-spot interview with a TMZ reporter. He added that his mom lives there and that he would make her happy.


SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has been a staunch defender of Obama administration’s measures, said she would go to New Zealand if the real estate mogul won the presidency. Ginsburg made the promise in July during a NY Times interview. But she later apologized for the “ill-advised” remarks.

Civil rights activist and radio talk show host Al Sharpton said earlier this year that he booked a “ticket out of here” just in case.

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