Home Politics Cha-ching: Al Sharpton scores over $1 million from his charity, gets massive raise

Cha-ching: Al Sharpton scores over $1 million from his charity, gets massive raise

Cha-ching: Al Sharpton scores over $1 million from his charity, gets massive raise

Political and civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton reportedly made over one million in personal earnings from his charity, the National Action Network, in 2018, Fox News reported.

According to Fox, Sharpton “raked in $1,046,948 from his own charity last year, according to National Action Network’s latest tax filings obtained by The Post.”

That money was made up of a $324,000 salary, which was a hefty 32% increase over his 2017 pay and also welcomed in an additional $159,596 in bonus as well as $563,352 in “other compensation,” according to Fox News.

“NAN said it hired an executive compensation firm that determined the good reverend was owed $1.252 million — but he was generously willing to take $500,000 less,” Fox News reported.

However, the civil rights activist, along with the border of the nonprofit came to the decision that “he has now been fully compensated for all the years he was underpaid and received no bonus,” the NAN statement said according to Fox.

Sharpton defended his massive earnings before making his comments at the weekly rally at NAN’s House of Justice in Harlem, which is an event where attendees throw cash in the collection bucket on command.

“Fifteen years, you are talking about since 2004 when I came back after running for president,” he said. “For anybody else it would be laughable,” the pastor went on, adding that he deserved the 2018 raise.

“It’s a six-day-a-week job and several hours a day and when [the compensation firm] compared it to other companies, other nonprofits, that’s the salary that they would get,” he said.

According to Fox News, however, recent years haven’t been too lean for the preacher/MSNBC host:

“The last year he went without a salary was 2008, and he has made well into the six figures every year since, tax documents show,” Fox News reported.

“He certainly wasn’t coveting his neighbor’s paycheck in 2017, when his NAN salary came to $244,661, or the year before, when he was paid $250,000 plus a $437,555 bonus. NAN justified the bonus at the time saying it was designed to make up for a lack of full compensation, including no retirement or benefits packages over the years.


“The nonprofit also noted in 2016 that Sharpton’s average yearly pay of $283,543 from 2007 through 2016 fell within the competitive range of those who held similar positions.”

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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