Home News Chaffetz Makes Some Epic Comments About Washington and Why He’s Leaving

Chaffetz Makes Some Epic Comments About Washington and Why He’s Leaving

Chaffetz Makes Some Epic Comments About Washington and Why He’s Leaving

It was an explosive interview between Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. The Republican House Oversight Committee chairman took a barrage of questions from the CNN host on issues related to the White House and the James Comey controversy. At about the 14:40 minute mark in the video below, Chaffetz answers why he will be retiring from his position in Congress by the end of June this year. The Utah representative said, “at some point, you’ve got to get off this crazy train.” Chaffetz continued, “There’s always somebody doing something stupid somewhere, there’s always plenty of things to investigate and look at,” Chaffetz told the host of CNN’s “Situation Room” on Wednesday.

Jason Chaffetz cited family reasons when he announced that he would resign from his seat on June 30th. “As you know, after careful consideration and long discussion with my wife, Julie, we agree the time has come for us to move on from this part of our life,” Chaffetz said saying he’s spent “more than 1,500 nights away” from his family and that he “just didn’t want to do it anymore.” The representative said that he always considered his life in public service as temporary. “I haven’t felt any compulsion to talk about my post-congressional life. I always promised that I would get in, serve, and get out,” Chaffetz said. “This is not supposed to be a lifetime appointment. I don’t want to get that Potomac fever and just get too caught up in myself or anything else.”

Chaffetz would not confirm or deny rumors that he will work for Fox News after he resigns saying he is “not hear to talk about that yet.” The Washingtonian reported earlier this month that Chaffetz told other House Republicans that he will join the cable news network following his resignation. A special election will be required to fill his seat.

You can watch the entire interview below:


What are your thoughts about Chaffetz getting off of “the crazy train?”

Credit: The Hill


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