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A Challenge Or Being Helpful? Trump Assists Taiwan Under China’s Nose

A Challenge Or Being Helpful? Trump Assists Taiwan Under China’s Nose

This is going to displease the government of China; the Trump administration notified Congress on Thursday that it plans on selling Taiwan a $1.4 billion arms package. This will be the first sale of its kind under President Trump.
The White House National Security Council spokesperson, Michael Anton, confirmed the approval of the sale to CNN. An official close to the deal told CNN that the arms package would include advanced missiles, torpedoes, the AGM-154 Joint Standoff Weapon, and MK 48 6AT Heavy Weight Torpedoes. It will also include technical support for an early warning radar system.
Ed Royce, the Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, relayed strong support for the sale and said it was “long overdue.” Congress has 30 days to weigh in and offer objections to the sale.
China considers Taiwan, which is self-governing and democratic, to be a renegade province and the Chinese government has not ruled out using military force to bring Taiwan under its authority. The U.S. has not officially recognized Taiwan as an independent country. America has supported the “One China Policy,” which means that it does not have an official relationship with Taiwan.
State Department spokesperson, Heather Nauert, said that there was no change to the “One China” policy. But a U.S. official told CNN, ”Today’s notifications are consistent with the Taiwan Relations Act, and our support for Taiwan’s ability to maintain a sufficient self-defense capability.” Because of this Act, the U.S. is legally responsible for providing Taiwan with the ability to defend itself.
So the Trump administration verbally remains committed to the decades-long “One China” policy, but in December, Trump went against historical protocol and spoke with Taiwan’s president on a phone call. And now this announcement about an arms sale is certainly going to irk the Chinese government. The agreement for the arms package came on the same day the U.S. Treasury Department announced sanctions and other measures against one of China’s main banks. The U.S. maintains that it is used as a pipeline to support North Korean activity.
President Trump is set to meet with the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, at the meeting of the G20 next month. If it happens, it is likely to be full of tension.
What do you think about our agreement to sell a $1.4 billion arms deal to Taiwan?
Credit: CNN


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