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Krauthammer Compares Trump To This LEGENDARY GOP Figure … This Is A YUGE Deal!


President-elect Donald Trump has long touted that his campaign was not about the Republican Party but a unique movement.

As reported on Breitbart News, columnist and regular Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer seemed to highlight the revolutionary nature of Trump’s victory.

“This is an ideological and electoral revolution of the kind we haven’t seen since Reagan. What this means, ideologically, is that the Republican Party has become a populist party and the country is going to be without a classically conservative party,” Krauthammer said during Fox News Channel’s election coverage Tuesday.

Trump’s anti-establishment message appears to have hit home with many working class Americans who showed up in force on Election Day. Despite his billionaire status, Trump consistently sought to reach out to the working and middle class.

I don’t know whether his remedies are going to work, but certainly what we’re seeing is an ideological shift, speaking for the white working class, and also, the non-white working class, and it’s going to be an electoral shift because that means that the old Rust Belt is now in play permanently for the Republicans.

Noting the new electoral map, he asserted that traditionally Republican states are no longer “safe” given the rise of Hispanic registration and voting in those states.

The Trump movement is now officially underway. Old-school Republicans are no doubt nervous about the future. But millions of working class Americans are excited and seem to believe that Trump will represent them and bring about real change in Washington.


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