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Check It Out: Don Lemon and Bill O’Reilly Spar On Twitter and TV

Check It Out: Don Lemon and Bill O’Reilly Spar On Twitter and TV

It’s not just the president’s tweets that are getting a whole lot of attention. CNN’s Don Lemon and Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly are getting massive attention concerning their public Twitter feud that has gone back and forth in recent days. It centers around how they have covered the story about Susan Rice and the “unmasking” of members of President Trump’s campaign and transition team.

The very public altercation started late Monday night when Don Lemon, host of CNN Tonight, ran a segment saying he wouldn’t “aid and abet” Trump’s claims that the Obama administration had spied on Him. He went on to defend the former national security advisor under Obama from the suggestion that she leaked the identities of Trump’s team found in foreign surveillance intelligence reports for political purposes.

Lemon said, “On this program tonight, we will not insult your intelligence by pretending otherwise,” Lemon said, “nor will we aid and abet the people who are trying to misinform you, the American people, by creating a diversion.”

O’Reilly responded on Tuesday by tweeting that Lemon “refuses to cover” the allegations against Rice, and he ran a clip of Lemon’s commentary on his show, “The O’Reilly Factor” website. He said that Lemon had “declared his show a Rice-Free Zone.” That’s when things began to escalate.

Lemon fired back on Twitter bringing up the sexual harassment accusations that O’Reilly is presently facing. Advertisers are bailing on the popular Fox News show after it was revealed that five women received a combined $13 million in settlements coming from complaints about O’Reilly’s conduct. He tweeted: “False. I did not refuse to cover the story,” Lemon tweeted. “But I did cover your sexual harassment allegations. Did you?”

Lemon went even further on his Tuesday night show: “Normally I wouldn’t address this, but he has a lot of followers, and people are believing alternative facts now,” Lemon said of O’Reilly. The CNN host then played several clips from Fox panelists talking about Rice unmasking members of Trump’s team. Lemon continued by saying, “So, Bill, we have covered the Susan E. Rice story, we did it for a long time on this program last night, and tonight we’re going to cover it again.”

In the discussion that followed on Lemon’s show, he even more intensely defended Rice. He argued that there was no evidence that she acted improperly. And then a panel on “CNN Tonight” jumped right into the sexual harassment allegations against O’Reilly, detailing the 11 advertisers that left the popular Fox show.
Here are some of their back and forth:


What do you think about this very public feud from two opposing titans of the news media?


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