Home News Chelsea Clinton Wants the World To Rally and Speaks Out On Social Media

Chelsea Clinton Wants the World To Rally and Speaks Out On Social Media

Chelsea Clinton Wants the World To Rally and Speaks Out On Social Media

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has found a voice on social media platforms like Twitter to state her political views boldly. On Tuesday, she told NBC’s “Today” that this reflects her conviction that it’s necessary for people speak out in today’s society.

When asked by host Savannah Guthrie about her increased activity and “sass,” on Twitter, Clinton explained that she began to share her opinions with the public while she was campaigning for her mom:

“I did so many events for my mom And I had a chance to share my thoughts publicly in those forums. I did lots of interviews. And now I continue to share my views after the inauguration.”

She seems to have discovered boldness inside of her now that the election is finished. This boldness carries through in her personal life and public image.

Her chosen outlet for her political voice is Twitter, but she encouraged citizens to “speak up and use whatever platforms we have now.” After Trump’s election, she believes that we all have a public responsibility to be loud about our rights and views and that social media will be an integral part of the nation’s voice:

“I think we all have a responsibility to not stay silent now.”

She reassured viewers, though, that her convictions have not changed with the times. She held fast that she is by no means a two-faced tweeter, posting one thing and saying another:

“I don’t think what I say today is any different than what I would say had I been asked similar questions or similar issues kind of on the stage.”

Her supporters will find that her Twitter page is packed with messages about supporting causes all over the world. She speaks against child marriage and supports women’s rights. When questioned about her true boldness, she responded with well-backed evidence:

Here are a few examples of her voice:


Credit: The Hill


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