Home News Clinton Plan For Global Government EXPOSED … All While Cashing In On PAY-FOR-PLAY!

Clinton Plan For Global Government EXPOSED … All While Cashing In On PAY-FOR-PLAY!


With the reopening of the FBI investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, new revelations have emerged regarding the depth and breadth of the various investigations of Clinton and those in her inner circle. Among the most revealing is news that the investigation into the Clinton Foundation has been going on for well over a year. Allegations of pay-to-play have come under specific scrutiny. Now there is evidence of yet another example.

The Daily Caller reported Thursday about a multimillion dollar deal between former president Bill Clinton and Laureate International Universities.

A for-profit university that paid former president Bill Clinton more than $17.6 million for his role as its ‘honorary chancellor’ utilized access to Clinton insiders at the Clinton Global Initiative to advance its financial interests.

Laureate International Universities is backed financially in part by George Soros. In addition to the money paid to President Clinton, Laureate has also donated millions to the Clinton Foundation. Leaders within Laureate, including CEO Douglas Becker, have also donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It also appears that former Clinton campaign staffers have obtained employment with Laureate. At the same time that Bill Clinton was reaping millions from this association, students of Laureate were facing the burden of student debt.

“Laureate’s ‘Global Impact Report’ hypes the ‘unparalleled access to global leaders and innovative thinking’ afforded to its students through the university’s partnership with CGI.”

Laureate has created this partnership with CGI to gain access to world leaders. Primarily this has been done through interviews conducted with leaders at CGI’s annual meeting. These interviews also serve as a marketing and legitimacy tool for Laureate and its worldwide institutions 97 percent of which are located outside of the United States.

Clinton has repeatedly criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on the campaign trail for the practices of now defunct Trump University. Now we see her hypocrisy on full display. Although she does not own Laureate, the link between Laureate money and cash in her own pocket is clear. Not only that, but the additional access to Clinton staff as a direct result of Laureate’s donations is yet another example of how the rich and powerful have gained access to Clinton.




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