Home News Clintons Get SHOCKING Message Right After World Series! … ‘Bill Clinton…

Clintons Get SHOCKING Message Right After World Series! … ‘Bill Clinton…

Clintons Get SHOCKING Message Right After World Series! … ‘Bill Clinton…

After Game Five of the World Series, a baseball fan and impromptu protestor, made a shot heard all the way to the Clinton Camp.

Coming between the camera and the fans being interviewed a fellow baseball fan/political protestor waved a sign and called out something the Clinton’s won’t appreciate.

Check it out:


The fan was removed from the scene, though it is unclear who removed him. What we do know is that Alex Jones, radio personality, has challenged his listeners to either shout out “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” on national TV. It looks like Jones will have to pay this guy.

The reporter went on to calmly conduct the rest of the interview, but she must have been dying to ditch the baseball and go for the controversy.

Bill Clinton has gotten away with too much for too long. Aided and abetted by his wife Hillary, nothing has been able to hurt the popular former President. Is the movement rising to finally hold them accountable?

For far too long, the victims of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have had no voice. Hillary claims to speak for women, but she does everything in her power to dismiss women who claim to have been victimized.

As a lawyer she defended a man who she knew to be guilty of raping a 12-year-old girl and bargained his sentence down to time served….two months in country jail. I know that she was a lawyer and that everyone is entitled to competent defense, but if you claim to be on the side of women, why would you not recuse yourself from such a case?


Hillary claims to be for women, but her actions tell otherwise. Soon women in America will get a chance to tell Hillary that they know the truth about her.

h/t: Right Wing News


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